What Grassland is not

After the last article posted, we gotten some attention as well as some feedbacks. There are discussions going on in different communitities and forums.

We hav summarized most frequent misconceptions.

This is NOT just a prototyping tool.
This is a actual development tool to build solution. Through Grassland, we have built numerous solutions. From POS, Invoicing, Accounting, CRM, ERP, MRP, Shop Floor System, Workshop System, Service Center Management, Queue System, websites and many more..
Not only that, single development effort on standalone solution (installation on single PC) can be scaled easily and smoothly to multiple clients (all applications connects to same database), server-client (client applications connects to server then server connects to database) or even more complex configurations.

Anyway, we won’t denied that Grassland can be used as a very effective prototyping tool or to do proof of concept considered the speeds of building application and its flexibility.

This is NOT what commonly saw Rapid Application Development (RAD) toolkit
Grassland is not drag and drop controls and components toolkits with nice themes. In fact those are used on User Interface(UI) or Presentation Layer. Grassland is not solely focused on UI. It actually consisting of components from Data Persistence Layer, Domain Layer, Service Layer, Business Layer, Communication Layer, Presentation Layer, and Cross Cutting Concerns.

But do not be scare of by the complexity suggested by those names, all are putting together using defaults and convention. Meaning you go in deep when really in need, but generally do not hav to touch those layers. What we suggesting here is the possibilities.

Now we answer why? Why Grassland covers all the scope and aspect of application development? The answer is Speed, Reliability, Affordable, Manageability.

To Grassland, these are interlinked. Grassland Dev working hard on making each statement, each expression, each line of code contains as much as information possible without sacrificing the readability. Fewer number of line to code improves the speed, easiness in maintaining or extending application.

This is NOT an Application Builder.
If you looking for building application through wizards or user interface, creating application without single line of code. Then it definitely disappoints you. The target user is developer. Grassland uniquely designed linearly scale development system, ironically the better you are as programmer or software developer the more you can harness from the power and flexibility from Grassland.

So, it is not Spreadsheet, or any other Data tables tool either. It requires programming. Grassland did it through aggressively reducing the architecture effort and skills needed. It is the abstraction of general application.


Hope above clear some of you doubt regarding Grassland.  Please tell us your option, or something else that confuses you regarding Grassland. Have a nice day!



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