Pretty Invoice in Minutes using Grassland Invoicing.

Now create your own invoice easier than ever. Just need one tool, MS Word from Microsoft Office or Writer from LibreOffice.

1. Start with your existing MS Word Invoice or Download Invoice template online.

2. Replace with keywords and logo as well as design you like, few things to take note:

  • Keep details/lines in single row, template engine will insert row if necessary
  • Just ignore if keyword is too long and goes into next line, after replaced it will be alright

3. Import into Grassland System, do a preview to check everything is good, it help check all the keyword are valid.

There you go, pretty invoice you can create in minutes using Grassland Invoicing. It comes with all the tax & charges settings and currency too!

NOTE: If you did not have MS Word, you may use WordPad or freeware Writer from LibreOffice too.

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Support and Help is now connected

Even Grassland Invoicing is a desktop application. But we realized the importance of internet and most of users have internet access. With this, Support and Help now is connected to Grassland Services online. Here you will be informed with latest update or important bug fixes. Helps or Tips to use Grassland, the possibility is unlimited, it can be a blog post, facebook post, or even youtube clips. We are there to help you if you problem in using Grassland system.

These resources are not static, it changes depends on what you are currently doing.  Say you are creating invoice, we are sharing some tips that help you easier to create an invoice.

Do not worry if you are not connected online, the section will hide automatically and as desktop application all functions do not require internet to work properly. Of course, except sending support to us, or email.




Improved Grassland Invoicing available soon.

Good news. We are closing our development and start testing on features. If there is no big issues or bugs discovered we should able to release our new free Grassland Invoicing software within a week.

Some new improvements for the new Grassland Invoicing:

  • Currency Settings -support predefined currency settings or custom currency settings or symbol.
  • Multi-Currency - allow Invoice, Receipt, Quotation to be issued at different currency and managing the conversion rate and based-currency management.
  •  Feedback, Error Report and Suggestion improvement.
  • Video, Tutorial, and Online Resources - just one click away from all these.
  • Template System – two powerful template engine at your finger tip. Original template engine which has been used by Grassland formerly and new template engine that reads Docx. Yes, now you can create your own Invoice, Quotation, Receipt, and Delivery Note and more using MS Word from Microsoft Office or free software LibreOffice Writer.
  • Tax / Charges  Processor – a simple to configured yet powerful tax or charges processor. Now you can have single tier tax, 2-tier tax, or even multi-tier with complex calculation.
  • Retail System – newly added module to support retail sales. We understand many users need. Combining the power of POS and Invoicing into one. End of the day, manage them together.
  • Bug and issues fixes reported.

The world is your stage. Multi Currency Invoicing

Though is a very small software development house, we do business worldwide  as well. In Singapore and Johor Bahru, Malaysia where we based, a lot of businesses doing cross border including us, supplying software solution, including Invoicing  to both Singapore and Malaysia.

International Trade is increasingly important and we realized that. In coming version, Grassland Invoicing will be supporting multi-currency. This is along with the new currency settings discussed here.

You setup multi currency that you going to work with, even with customer preferred currency format.

You can update and track your rate as well:

Then go to Invoice, Quotation, etc to enable foreign currency. User can specify the rate again if wish to.

And all calculation for sales, etc. will be converted and calculate into based currency.



Grassland System new Currency settings.

One of the most asked issue is about currency. Even in previous Grassland Invoicing currency is implemented through Windows Regional and Language settings. However, most of users have their own preference. For example, in Malaysia, Ringgit Malaysia, RM is the default Currency Symbol provided by Microsoft. However, if someone doing International Trade, he might preferred ‘MYR’ commonly known in international community over ‘RM’ which is widely accepted locally.  This is similar case in Singapore, ‘$’ is the default one, however most of our clients prefer ‘S$’ or ‘SGD’ because ‘$’ may be confused with ‘USD $’

In view of this issue, GNey takes further step to improve the currency settings.

New settings shared the same set of configuration with Windows Regional and Language Currency settings. However, configuration here will only apply to Grassland System. This give our users a better control on the currency format including Document generated.

Actually more than that, next article we will share with you how new Grassland supports multiple currencies, that is issue Invoice, Quotation, etc in different currencies.








One Stone 2 Birds: Something for Grassland Dev

In our previous post: A picture paints a thousand words, we presenting the new issues and feedbacks system with drawing feature.  Later we found out that actually we can fully utilize this feature for our own: To capture screenshot, instruction snapshoot easily.

Without further ado, we start right away to the development of the external tool for Grassland Dev. The end result:

Now we can take snapshot of Grassland System with annotation easier and faster rather than last time using PrintScreen button + MS Paint.

There are more things need to be improved, eg typing text etc.  Anyway, it should be good for now. We should focus back to delivering Grassland Invoicing next version on time.

if you are in application development you may be interested in: Technically how it is done.


A picture paints a thousand words: Issue Reporting One Click

We want grassland to be reliable. Especially, grassland is most used for businesses and enterprises. With limited resources, we have to rely on our users from worldwide. We putting more effort in making bug or issue report effortless. In the past, need to GNey Icon button, then Support and a lot of screenshots have to made manually by our users.

This time, we make some improvements. A button ‘Suggestions, Issues, Bugs’ just at the top.

Wait, there is more. Yea, users now can do more… drawing on the software. By clicking ‘Draw Area’, Grassland will turn into a canvas, and you are free to draw on that with red pen.

Then it will send together with error log to us.

Now hope more users can send us your problem so we can fix it for everyone. Make it a better Grassland.