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In search of ways to build Dream into Reality

In previous article A Dream of Every Developer, we share the dream of developing a unique software framework to enable making ideas and concepts into actual working system in no time and challenges to material this concept.

Started only with the idea, I begin looking into possible areas of application. Besides, to check whether there are any existing idea or even product being offered currently. We found nothing close to it. The closest could be MS Access or Visual Studio Light Switch. But they are not the direction we going into.  We are building a system or a framework for quick software development, rapid application development, true one. I named it ‘Grassland System’. However, we facing difficulty in explaining the concept. Then we started to explain using terms like ‘Disposable Software’, ‘Software Template’, “System Template’.

Finally through discussion with a friend of mine, gotten a easier explanation:

from flickr by Tyler McCall
from flickr by Tyler McCall

Grassland System is like clay to form the desired system by shaping it. It has most of the ingredients you most of the time.

To design such system, we need to find out 2 things; what to make the clay, and what this clay supposed to make to.

Easy question but the essence of the whole concept. Without proper definition and accurate scope, surely the whole project destined to fail. I start focusing on second question, what this clay supposed to make to? or suppose to turn into? Of course, without constraint, I want it can be turned into anything and everything and this is impossible at least at the moment or first stage. Come back to the reality, it should be at least good for building tool, data entry, utilities, and business software like invoicing, pos etc.

So to start off we focus on small software like tools first, I extracted standard pattern of small and these disposable software based on years of working in software development. It gives me an overview of what generally needed for those type of software. Then we drafted the design and comes the birth of Grassland. After that, we start offer customized software services, by developing customized software, not only we can get deeper look on actual requirements from the market but only can take the opportunity to refine Grassland.

Slowly and steadily, through Grassland we build numerous applications be it small, big or huge, we built Material Planning for Factory, Enterprise Resource Planing for Factory, Queue Management System, Attendance System, Shop Floor, Invoicing, Customer Relationship Management, Inventory, Service System, Websites, Leasing Management, Issue Management, and even Grassland Deployment System is built with Grassland!















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