Grassland’s MLAWD™ Design Model



MLAWD is the design model used by Grassland System. It means for both Grassland Designer and Grassland User.  To Grassland Designer, it serves as conceptual model when developing Grassland applications. On the other hand, it acts as a way point to easily guide user to use Grassland application without the need to digging into the detail.

For what is MLAWD? In Grassland, MLAWD are both Model and View Model, describe specific both User Interface and area of responsibilities.

  • M – Menu
  • L – List
  • A – Action
  • W – Work
  • D – Document


Navigation purposes of course. It serves as generally starting point for user to start their activities. Besides, it also can be use as a shortcut to something. For example, search document text box in Menu can be added to provide shortcut to particular document. Notifications can be added as well to give indication of particular status


List is used to display records in bulk, providing functions such as search, pagination, sort etc.


Certain actions can be applied or act on particular item, such as changing payment status, printing the record etc.


Work is where user will be spending most of time with. It is where user creating or editing records. However, it is not only limited to managing records. It is a general working area for the software.


Document is where document, report get printed, export to different format or email out. User get to preview the document before further action could be taken.


MLAWD flow
MLAWD flow

MLAWD flow diagram describes possible flows for different scenario. As shown, it can be easily followed and understood by Grassland designer and it translate to consistent application workflow where user have lesser learning curve.

For example, in an invoicing software.

to create invoice, we use MWD. Menu-Work-Document.

Menu should have a ‘new invoice’ link which leads user to Work which display New Invoice Form. After the form submitted, Document should show the ‘Invoice’ just created for user to print or email.

To go further, to edit invoice, we can opt for MLWD, Menu-List-Work-Document.

Menu direct user to a List of Invoice, from there user select that particular Invoice, there user can edit it in Work. After submitted, Document plays its role in showing edited Invoice.

One more example, to cancel Invoice, we choose MLA. Menu-List-Action.

Same as previous case after invoice selected. User choose ‘Cancel’ from the Action and no further action required.

These are possible flows that prevent complexity yet ensure high degree of flexibility.

  • ML
  • MLA
  • MLAW
  • MLW
  • MLWD
  • MW
  • MWD
  • MD








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