Grassland & PermasSky components

As mentioned previously, Grassland is not just a Desktop application but a combination of different Grassland components, be it web or desktop to suit different needs. Before we dive into how complicated scenario that Grassland can cater. Let’s us have some brief introduction to these basic components to facilitate our future discussions.

client6 Grassland Standalone

Basic components as a Standalone application or software can be run on computers. However, it is not limited to work alone. But through multi-client configuration. Few Standalone actually can connect to same database.

client Grassland Client

Client component is application to be installed and run in client machine. It can only works with the connection to server.

server Grassland Server

Server component is application or service running in server machine. It handles requests from other components.

microServer Grassland Micro Web Server (MWS)

It is a micro web service handles external HTTP request. Generally it does not work alone. Usually it attached with either Standalone, Client or Server.

ISSserver PermasSky

PermasSky is Generic Web / Cloud Service that hosted on Server Machine. It usually handles requests from web pages through browser or even from iOS or Android Apps.




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