Designing and Developing POS – Continued

Previously, we talked about designing and developing POS from scratch. We have an interesting idea that translate num pad to fully functional POS operation. The benefits we gotten from the new design. Its advantages, Easy and Fast. Easy for new comer, Fast for advanced user.

Aside from that, a smooth transition from beginner to advanced. Less learning curve what you learn on first day, applicable to the work later on till you become advanced user. We notice that so many times from our customers experience. The experience is pleasant. At the start, beginner may using touch screen to press buttons or select product to the carts. As time goes by, they start to remember most of the codes and getting familiar with the process. Then they start working on Numpad, but may not entirely however they are in the direction of using Numpad solely.

Besides, with this design, if you have limited budget. You can start POS even without touch screen, of course you may face certain learning curve that either have to entirely using Numpad operation or using mouse which definitely slower.

Grassland POS is ambitious. Even we are design and develop at first in desktop. But definitely we are looking for more particularly Mobile and Tablet which is particularly important.

Same thing, we want to rethink mobile solution for POS, not entirely on its own but assist operation of Grassland POS. Besides, Kiosk, why not mobile ordering, order check etc especially for Food and Beverages Industry like restaurant. So the question would be how Mobile App for Grassland POS should be like, what is the different between from other vendor. What concept are we selling?

Something particularly attract our attention, we notice tablet maybe there are some vendors but they are very little mobile app for POS that we known off. Reason? Maybe something to do with limited screen space. Some tablet POS we come to know already trying very hard to sequencing everything into the 11inch display. Mobile phone, can be even worse. If you have a button of every possible action. Maybe you already have our answer now? SmartMov II!

At first, we are looking on possible solution on mobile, suddenly we realized that we already have a solution: moving SmartMov II to mobile phone. As SmartMov II, is proven to be working and receive good response from the market. There is little chance that it din work on mobile. Having only numpad on mobile phone, it fits the screen perfectly, easy to press, even with single hand. Besides, it will be smooth transition again from desktop user to mobile user. They can use interchangeably because is the same key stroke, same flow, nothing changes, virtually no learning curve.

FNB in real action






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